Spotted: Jeffrey Siger at The Mysterious Bookshop- Dec. 10, 2014

What makes for a great book signing event?

It’s always interesting for a reader to meet the real person behind the characters that come to life through their works.  That is the wonder of attending book signing events.  Sometimes you are disappointed that this person who has managed to create a world that has captivated you is much more comfortable in the act of writing than in the art of talking about what he or she has created. You understand why they are authors and not actors.   Other times, the author is as good at speaking about himself and his writing as he is successful at the writing itself.  That would be Jeffrey Siger.

Jeffrey Siger,  author of the Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Mystery series appeared at  The Mysterious Bookshop to launch the 6th book in the series: Sons of Sparta.  Mr. Siger, a former Wall Street lawyer, has managed to create an exceptional life as an expat living on the Greek Island of Mykonos and writing police procedurals using the Aegean islands as the cultural and physical backdrops.   He joins a group of renowned mystery writers who weave the smell, sound, and sight of overseas settings into the fabric of their plots (think Cara Black in Paris).  See blog: Murder is Everywhere.

On this snowy, cold, wet December evening, Mr. Siger didn’t just spend time chatting with his family, friends, and colleagues from the publishing world. He made a point of welcoming and speaking to those of us who came as outsiders to the event.  He engaged in conversation and offered to sign books.  I was debating whether to buy the book- I did—he won me over.

For the presentation, he spoke about his experience as an author, the mentors that have helped him along his journey, and the wonderful opportunities that the writing life has provided him.  He answered questions with candor and humor and shared information about his approach to writing and where he gets his ideas.  It was interesting to hear how his years as a lawyer trained him to pay attention to details, contributing to his skill in developing organically intricate plots.

To top it off,  the event included real food—Greek of course.

Well done, Mr. Siger. Really looking forward to reading the whole series.


2 thoughts on “Spotted: Jeffrey Siger at The Mysterious Bookshop- Dec. 10, 2014

  1. Excellent report on last night’s event. I was there – Jeff is a friend and a Poisoned Pen Press colleague.

    Maybe you’d like to join Mystery Writers of America at Mid-Manhattan library tonight? The program includes multi-awarded writers Megan Abbott, Katia Lief, Nancy Bilyeau and Ken Wishnia. 6:30, at 5th Ave and 40th Street. Dark Stories for a Dark Season

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